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TC Transport At Your Service: Full Time Drivers, Mechanics & A Veteran·Support Staff Behind Our Fleet Of Dump Trucks, Vans. Flatbeds & Tri-axles

TC Transport Is A Family-Owned Trucking Company Delivering Mulch & Much, Much More.

TC Transport is a bulk supplier of premium bark mulch, color-enhanced mulch, colored sand and landscape stone, with a separate facility dedicated to our ever-growing landscape supply business. We also transport construction and glass industry sand, cullet, Carbocite™, municipal road deicing salt, grain, gravel, plastics, topsoil and more.

And we can only do what we do because of what we have on hand—a variety of delivery trucks, full time experienced drivers, in-house fleet mechanics, and a staff that’s been handling vital delivery logistics and dispatch for decades.

TC Transport Delivery Assets, Personnel And Facilities.

We were the first area business to offer custom-ground mulch to customers, and we still haul multiple-sized loads as necessary, though full loads are more cost-effective.


  • 11 Full time Drivers (20 years experience, average)
  • 8 Subcontractors
  • 3 Mechanics
  • 5 Administrative, Clerical & Dispatch


  • 121 Musser Lane, Bellefonte, PA 16823

  • 230 Ardell Lane (Alley)

And Things

  • 12 Vehicles in Operation
  • Van, Dump Truck, Flatbed Truck, Tri-axle
  • Tractor trailers typically haul 23 – 25 tons or 60 – 65 yards
  • Tri-axles haul 22 tons or 40 – 45 yards

Rely On TC Transport To Get Vital Materials From Place To Place.

To keep your business moving, you need reliable material delivery assets ready at a moment’s notice to deliver the goods. Promptly. Safely. And professionally. From the materials we offer, to the fleet of trucks we self-maintain to exceed US Department of Transportation standards, TC Transport is a trucking company you can count on.

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